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James Top Productions & villageworksnyc



James Top One Man Show 




FROM 5pm to 9pm 


90 EAST 3RD st,NYC 

Book signing 5 to 7pm 

Documentary screening of

"Black Book Graffiti: Word Write Large" 

(Birth of The Black Book) 

@7pm to 8pm Q & A 

* On sale limited edition 


2019 Shows

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girl graf flyer Charmin 65 Final with Bl
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2018 Shows

Graffiti Artist Atom and Baby 168 Opening Art show at the NYC Graffiti Arts Visitor Center in East Harlem New York 162 1/2 East 104th Street New York
Graffiti Artist talk by ATOM at the NYC Graffiti Art Visitor Center and Events East Harlem New York
James top Productions presents Jake Baxter video debut listening party live painting by NIC707 Booey Warrior Goddess Sound Wavez
Ralph McDaniels Video Music Box 30 Special Screening Reception Fundraiser for Graffiti Hall of Fame Art Music and Dance Festival NYC Graffiti Visitor Center 162 1/2 East 104 Street East Harlem New York
See TF Show Provocateur at NYC Graffiti Visitor Center Special Event Graff Master Caros "SEE TF" portrayals of sensuality femininity and provocative strength an be experienced in te countless murals he has painted thoughout the public realm The public artist translates street art into gallery exhibition in "Provocateur" a show featuring new works on canvas and fashion mediums Opening saturday June 16, 2018 East Harlem New York
Graffiti Subway Map Art Graffiti Artists Shiro Yes 1 Spar Easy Will Power Kingbee Tae Scratch Kerz Snake 1 James TOP Doms Atom Nat Jesus Saves Wore Lava 1 & 2 Blade 1 Nic One Friday, July 30, 2018 NYC Graffiti Art
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